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How to choose a company for washing windows

How to achieve a shine from the glass when the apartment is located on the 8th floor and down even look scary? Window cleaning interests not only residents of private properties, but also office workers.

Why it is better to turn to professionals

Windows are the face of the organization, so they should always be tidy! In addition, plastic window cleaner, which have long been supplanting wooden ones, need frequent washing, as this prolongs their service life and prevents the appearance of indelible dust on the glass and plastic frame.

To wash the windows in the apartment or office offers many companies. They work with any level of pollution and at any height — window cleaning ny.

The specialist will not only wash the glass, but also remove dirt and dust from the window frame, slopes and cornices. This type of work requires special tools:

  • telescopic rods;
  • screeds;
  • wipes soaked with special substances, etc.

Not every owner can boast of such a set, and the specialists summoned to the aid will come with their tools.

Each person can save and clean the windows on his own, he will achieve cleanliness, but most likely, he will not be able to achieve shining brilliance.

The window will be in divorces and streaks, you have to spend a lot of time to eliminate them. It requires the use of professional chemicals.

Another argument in the direction of referring to specialists is an increased traumatic risk. Saving money is not worth the health, and in some cases, human life.

How to choose a cleaning company

In order to get high-quality and inexpensive maintenance of your windows, you need to check a company selected for cooperation by several criteria:

  • age. One-day firms are beginning to actively appear in the spring, when there is an increase in the number of people who want to use window cleaning services. In such firms do not work professionals, and ordinary people who are looking for easy money. They work without specialized equipment and chemicals. The result of their initiative, most likely, will disappoint the client. In addition, these workers may be thieves. In firms, they are employed informally, so if you need to prove something you will not succeed. Choosing a company, you need to check its official details;
  • prices Can not trust too low prices. Upon arrival, the master may surprise you by providing a check for a higher amount than what was agreed by phone. There will be nowhere to go and you will have to pay for the services you have done, or to give up and lose precious time. The employee can increase the amount of payment only if the client did not mention heavy pollution that requires additional attention, incorrectly named the size of the windows, or their number. To find out the allowable average cost of the services of a cleaning company, it is necessary to analyze at least 10 offers of various services;
  • reputation. Companies that respect themselves and are very popular among customers train their staff in work ethic. The master must carry out the washing of one window and provide the result of his work to the customer’s assessment. If the client is not satisfied with the result, he does not have to pay anything and can refuse the services of the employee. If the result has satisfied the client, the master can continue his work.


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